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Mysterious Flash of Light in Phoenix Explained


PHOENIX (The Blaze/AP) — At least one mystery of the Phoenix lights has been solved. Last week, we reported that a large, fleeting flash of light appeared in the darkened skies over the northwestern edge of metropolitan Phoenix.

This light, which flashed just days before the 15-year anniversary of the "Phoenix Lights," is no longer a mystery.

Arizona Public Service said Monday that a breaker on an electrical line opened, causing a big flash and a brief power outage.

APS officials say an employee came forward last weekend and informed them of the breaker opening that caused no damage to equipment and no power line replacement.

The ball of light that looked like an explosion was captured by a traffic camera on Interstate 17 around 4:45 a.m. last Thursday.

It happened to be broadcast by KSAZ-TV when the station showed footage of the roadway during a report on the morning's commute. Watch the footage:

But until now, nobody could identify the flash's source.

The 1997 event known as the "Phoenix Lights" occurred 15 years ago today, March 13. This event was characterized by mysterious orbs seen above Phoenix, visible by the surrounding area, and a strangely shaped, flying triangular object.

More than 3,500 military and commercial pilots and 10,000 people on the ground in Phoenix alone reported seeing the lights in 1997. Some have maintained there is a perfectly reasonable natural or manmade explanation for what was seen in the sky that night. For example, the U.S. Military has said it very well could have been aircraft flying in formation and dropping flares. Still, others believe what they saw is convincing evidence for extraterrestrial UFOs.

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