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AZ Baffled by New Mysterious Light Explosion... Days Before 15-Year Anniversary of Another Mysterious Light Explosion


"There is no doubt it was something quite real."

Explosive light appeared behind this Phoenix area reporter during a traffic update. (Image: Gather)

On March 13, 1997 strange, unidentifiable flying objects were seen illuminating the night sky over Phoenix, Ariz, and were viewable in Nevada and New Mexico. Since then, many who saw the lights over the reported stretch of about 300 miles hold various theories as to their cause and recall the anniversary.

Now, just days before the "Phoenix Lights" 15th anniversary, the local Fox affiliate caught a mysterious light event of its own during a live traffic report. Fox 10 says it is unclear what caused the light that appears to be from an explosion and asks its viewers to tip them to any ideas.

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Watch the station's recall of the event:

The 1997 Phoenix Lights included two events: stationary lights, or orbs, in the Phoenix area sky and a triangular shaped object seen flying. Skeptics of the events have attributed the lights to natural or manmade events, such as military flares. For example, the U.S. military has said it was probably aircraft flying in formation and dropping flares.

A recent story in the Examiner states that UFO followers consider the events from 1997 one of the most widely documented evidence of alien life. It states that on that night, more than 3,500 military and commercial pilots reported seeing lights, in addition to the 10,000 spectators on the ground in Phoenix alone.

The Examiner reports that a documentary film recently aired about the Phoenix Lights recounting some the events of that night and providing varying theories. Here is some of the documentary's response to skepticism according to the Examiner:

Not only did people try to capture the phenomena on film, but because it blacked out the sky, the pics didn't turn out. In the Documentary the 911 Phoenix Police operator herself states that police helicopters were sent up to investigate. There is also a report to NUFOC (National UFO Reporting Center) that military jets were deployed to intercept the mile wide craft right over 7th ave and Indian School Road, and when they got close, the phenomena blinked out of sight.

Many of the eye witnesses to the Phoenix Lights were prominent citizens and very reliable people. There were pilots, doctors, politicians, police officers, firemen, local business owners, street sightings, adults, children, and thousands of other citizens who all witnessed this event. There is no doubt it was something quite real. It may have been an experimental aircraft, something from alien regions, but there were definitely unidentified flying objects that were seen, recorded, video taped, and by multiple observers in several states.

What do you think? What was the light behind the Fox 10 traffic reporter? What were the mysterious Phoenix Lights?

[H/T Gather]

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