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What Was the Mysterious, Explosion-Like Light Coming From a Russian Power Plant?


Here's the scene: You're driving along listening to John Lennon's "Imagine" enjoying your routine commute when a huge flash brightens up the darkened sky ahead of you. That's just what some Russian commuters caught sight of recently.

Check out this video of the Russian power plant just outside of St. Petersburg lighting up the sky:

The flashes at the plant, which is operated by Lenenergo according to Now Public, last for five impressive seconds. Here is a sequence of screenshots before, during and after the incident:

Is anyone else amazed at 1) the calm/lack of reaction by the car's driver (perhaps it was the soundtrack) and 2) how long it took for cars to start breaking in stunned amazement?

Here's the blast from another angle:

RT reports that no one was hurt in the event, which was caused by a "technical malfunction" and resulted in a temporary blackout in the area. The blast of light appears to be caused by an explosion but sources have not confirmed this.

Update: Tony, a Blaze reader who has been in the industry for 20 years, suggests the blast could be from the malfunction of a power transformer, or other piece of high-voltage equipment. 

[H/T GeekOSystem]

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