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Obama Adviser David Axelrod Cancels Maher Appearance


In the wake of the Sandra Fluke controversy, conservatives have targeted comedian Bill Maher, using him as an example of a double standard when it comes to outrage over less-than-flattering comments directed at women. Part of the double standard argument also pointed to David Axelrod, one of the president's closest advisers: How could the president call out Rush Limbaugh for his words but Axelrod felt it okay to appear on Maher's show in the coming weeks (as has been reported)?

Well, it looks like conservatives (and some liberals) can claim a small victory: according to Politico, Axelrod has cancelled his Maher appearance.

From Politico:

David Axelrod will not be appearing as a guest on “Real Time with Bill Maher,” despite reports last week that he was scheduled to do the show in the next few weeks.

“He's not scheduled to go on at this time,” said Ben LaBolt, the press secretary for President Obama’s reelection campaign.

Last week, The Daily cited an HBO spokeswoman who said Axelrod was scheduled to go on the show in the next few weeks.

Not anymore.

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