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Romney Tells Megyn Kelly He's 'Not Going to Apologize' for Being Wealthy


"Megyn, guess what. I made a lot of money."

Mitt Romney sat down with Megyn Kelly Wednesday afternoon and had some strong words for the Fox News host. When pressed on questions that his wealth makes him out of touch with Americans, Romney refuted Kelly with a touch of irritation.

“Megyn, guess what, I made a lot of money. I’ve been very successful. I’m not going to apologize for that. I know the DNC tries to push this out and they get it on the mainstream media networks and that’s where you guys see it and everybody laughs about it. Because, in this country, we want someone who can help other people become successful.”

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Mediaite caught the interview on video:

These passages sum up a few other highlights according to Mediaite:

He later added that rival candidate Rick Santorum is a “nice guy,” but ultimately an “economic lightweight” as a candidate and one who isn’t as fiscally conservative he is, despite Santorum’s recent comments taking umbrage at being characterized as “moderate.”

When told of Gingrich’s recent comments about staying in the race to make sure Romney doesn’t receive the delegate count he needs to seal the nomination, Romney responded that he “sure hoped those comments that you described aren’t accurate,” and that he also hopes Gingrich is focused on what’s best for the country and not, rather, on playing these sort of political games. “Replacing the President has got to be our priority,” said Romney, “not stopping one candidate or another. This is a bigger matter than replacing one person with another. It’s about saving the soul of America.”[...]

After showing Romney a clip from a 2008 ABC News debate in which the GOP contender said he “like(s) mandates,” Romney clarified that he is not in favor of any kind of national program, but agrees with mandates decided on a state-by-state level.

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