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FL Teen Busted for Running Illegal Gambling Op: Was Making $10,000 a Day


"her prorated annual earnings could have been around $300,000 a year"

19-year old south Florida resident Briana Rios has been arrested for running an illegal gambling operation, where she was reportedly making $10,000 a day (or more).

Judge John Hurley remarked, "It looks like there were a lot of customers going in here. You even [allegedly] had computers inside to help you place the bets...This doesn't look like a small, penny ante operation. Seems like a pretty big operation."

Reportedly active between October and December of 2011, her prorated annual earnings could have been around $300,000 a year.

Rios' ex-boyfriend, Jose Solis, maintains that Rios is not "a mastermind of the whole gambling situation," rather, the man who hired her left her in charge and fled to the Dominican Republic.

She didn't seem like a total mastermind in front of the judge.  When he said that bets were placed for the NFL and NBA, and she incriminated herself by adding, "hockey."

Watch NBC Miami report on the event, below:

The Huffington Post also reported:


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