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Drop by Amazing Dubai Boat Show If You Have an Extra $17 Million

(Photo: Charter World)

The 20th Dubai International Boat Show has just concluded, and despite the unsteady economy, there was no shortage of luxury.  The estimated value of the 430 boats and yachts on display was a staggering $260 million.

CNN profiled the event, and viewers got a look at some of the 24-karat gold amenities on a $17 million yacht by Gulf Craft.

Check out the complete video, below:

Business Insider also scored some pictures of the event.

Check out the rest, here.

But aren't owners concerned that they'll be a target, especially for the notorious Somali pirates?  Most replied that that the pirates are more of a "psychological" threat than an "actual" one.  However, they do pose a real threat to insurance rates, they remarked.

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