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50 Million Dollar' Man: Michael Moore Heckled by Occupiers


"Make way for Halliburton-invested Michael Moore!"

Michael Moore may sympathize with the 99 percent, but he got a bit of a rude reminder that he isn't one of them at a rally in New York city's Zuccotti Park on Saturday.

Moore reportedly decided to go for a personal meet-and-greet with Occupy protesters, and while he snapped multiple photos with adoring fans, there was also some discontent after his speech as some hecklers called him "50 million dollar, Halliburton invested Michael Moore." Presumably, the latter accusation refers to a story from 2005 that Moore once owned Halliburton stock.

Michigan Live found the YouTube (seemingly taken by an Occupy sympathizer) of the heckling, and Reuters gives us some excerpts from Moore's remarks:

[Occupy Wall Street] continues to draw celebrities, however. On Saturday night, independent filmmaker Michael Moore strode through the park before the police incursion.

"I think it's great that this movement continues to grow," Moore said. "I think the goals are clear. People are concerned that they have no control over their own democracy. They have no control over their own lives.

"This is the beginning. This park is sacred ground for millions across the country."


The part with Moore and the heckling begins around 4:15 in the video.

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