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DNC Produces 'Etch-A-Sketch' Romney Attack Video Hours After Adviser's Gaffe


Mitt Romney's campaign slogan may be "Believe in America," but "Two steps forward, one step back" seems more appropriate considering the momentum the candidate and his advisers consistently manage to throw a wet blanket on every time they see some success.

After winning the Illinois GOP primary Tuesday and securing the key endorsement of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, the Romney campaign had everything going for them. Then campaign spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said this on CNN:

JOHN FUGELSANG: Good morning, sir. It's fair to say that John McCain was considerably a more moderate candidate than the ones that Governor Romney faces now. Is there a concern that the pressure from Santorum and Gingrich might force the governor to attach so far to the right it would hurt him with moderate voters in the general election?

FEHRNSTROM: Well, I think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. Everything changes. It's almost like an Etch a Sketch. You can kind of shake it up and we start all over again.

Rick Santorum's Communications Director Hogan Gidley and Obama Senior Adviser David Axelrod jumped all over the remarks. Democratic operative Matt Ortega immediately launched a Mitt Romney Etch-a-Sketch website highlighting the former Massachusetts governor's flip-flops, and the DNC has now released video pounding the Republican presidential candidate on his adviser's gaffe:

UPDATE 3:48pm Via @PeterHambyCNN

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