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UFO Fragment?' Giant Cylindrical Object Allegedly Found in Siberian Forest


"police came during the night and secretly removed it."

(Image via Daily Mail)

A new object allegedly found in a remote forest and reportedly seen falling from the sky is bringing discussion of UFOs to Siberia...again.

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The 6-foot wide metal cylinder partially made of titanium steel was found near Otradnensky, a village two thousand miles from Moscow, according to the Daily Mail. Locals have labeled it as space junk, a UFO fragment or the fuel tank of a ballistic missile. The Russian space agency has said the object is not from space, a piece of space technology nor a missile fragment. It has been evaluated for radiation and none was found.

The Daily Mail reports that the object was discovered after locals heard crashing in the woods in December 2011. Why it is just being reported to the authorities now is unclear but it is currently under police supervision:

Head of Department for Civil Defence and Emergency Situations of the Kuibyshevski, Valery Vasiliev, said part of the fragment was made of ultra strong titanium.

Finder Sergey Bobrov undertook in an official statement that he would keep the UFO safe, but locals reported that "police came during the night and secretly removed it."

A local police spokesman confirmed the object was now under guard by the force on orders from unspecified authorities.

"You can see inside it, all is open, it's empty, no danger here. We were asked to take and store it. We brought it here. And now we are going to wait until they come to take it if they need it," said Sergei Sulein.

For what it's worth, this video from RT depicts an object flying through the sky and cuts to a man climbing a ladder to peer through a hole in the roof. If this is the footage villagers are claiming to be associated with the cylinder, it conflicts with the story that the object was found in the woods. Check out the footage:

What are your thoughts? UFO? Space junk? Scrap metal?

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