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Miss Universe Canada Finalist Disqualified After Admitting She Was Born a Boy


Rules are rules.

According to Denis Davila, national director of Miss Universe Canada, rules state to participate in a Miss Universe franchise pageant each contestent must be a "naturally born female." This qualification has knocked Miss Universe Canada finalist Jenna Talackova out of competition. The Star reports on the odd turn of events:

"According to Davila, Talackova claimed on her registration form she was born a female. He said he suspected otherwise and asked her about it on March 13, when she admitted she was not. She was pulled from the contest that day.

'She feels like a real girl and she is a real girl. She didn’t expect people to question it,' Davila said.

'She was hoping we could put her back in the competition, but the rules are very clear and there’s no way we can go back on it.'”

Davila could have had his suspicions confirmed earlier if he had searched for Talackova on Youtube and perhaps found a 2010 video at the Miss International Queen transgender/transsexual competition,where Talackova says she knew she was a female at the age of 4 and began hormone therapy at 14.

Vancouver Observer blogger Bianca Pencz wrote earlier in the week that Talackova's profile was visible on the official contestants page of the Donald Trump-owned Miss Universe Canada beauty pageant just a few days ago. Talackova's profile has now vanished.

Talackova spoke with The Vancouver Sun Friday morning and said she won't release a statement until next week after she talks to her lawyer.

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