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MI5 Foils 'Cyanide Hand Cream' Attack Ahead of Olympic Games


MI5 -- Britain's version of the FBI -- is launching its biggest initiative since WW2 in preparing for the London Olympics.  Reports say that 3,800 agents will be responsible for performing checks on 540,000 people and militant groups. 

And they aren't wasting any time getting started.  Already, an al-Qaeda plan to attack the Olympics with "cyanide hand cream" has been foiled.

The Daily Mail reports:

Details of the alleged lethal plot were posted on a website with links to six terrorists involved in the infamous terror group.


One man, who calls himself Abu Hija Ansari, said [that] cyanide poison should be mixed with hand cream so it can be absorbed into the skin.

Writing in Arabic he wrote instructions on how anyone planning the attack should wear 'medical gloves'.

He allegedly said: 'Through skin: 1 – cyanide, 2 – skin cream'.

'Mix the ingredients. The skin cream will open the pores in the skin and speed up the absorption and effectiveness of the poison.'

Meanwhile, a second extremist wrote on the website which The Sun was able to access: 'It is a good idea and you need to plan well.'

To aid in the effort, MI5 has established a new monitoring and intelligence gathering system which includes thoroughly vetting all athletes, their families, officials, and the media.  They will also be monitoring various militant groups, liaising closely with foreign governments, and deploying surface-to-air missiles to prevent threats from the sky.

The 80,000-seat stadium will host 14,700 athletes from 205 countries, and have a staff of 20,000 people.  The estimated security cost of the endeavor is around £1billion ($1.59 billion).  

A spokesman for England's Home Office said, "The focus of the Government and everyone involved is to deliver a safe and secure Olympics and Paralympic Games...We are working to a robust and comprehensive safety and security strategy. We want to reassure everyone that we will leave nothing to chance in our aim to deliver a Games that London, the UK and the whole world will enjoy."

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