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Gingrich: Sure, I would be Romney's VP


As Newt Gingrich's chances of leading the GOP ticket in 2012 are narrowing, the former Speaker of the House seems to be opening himself up to the possibility of being Mitt Romney's No. 2:

“No, I wouldn’t say no,” Gingrich told Fox News' Neil Cavuto Monday about what he'd do if Romney asked him to run as his vice president. “I can’t imagine him offering," he added.

Gingrich also took time to address President Obama's candid remarks to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev caught by a hot mic.

“The question it raises is how many countries, whether it is Iran or somewhere else has he had a similar conversation with?” said Gingrich. “You know, let me pretend I’m tough long enough to get reelected, then I’ll take care of you. I think it’s a very chilling comment because where Rick Santorum might have lost his temper for a second; this is the President of the United States, supposed to be defending us, telling the Russians that he’s willing to give something up that he can’t publicly admit to now.”

“So, I think the question for the President ought to be what is it you plan to give the Russians after the election,” he added. “Tell us now so the American people can decide whether or not that’s a future, a gamble that they want to take with their safety.”

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