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Labor Sec. Honors Union Hero Cesar Chavez, Renames Auditorium After Him


"Today, we celebrate one of America's most powerful stories of courage and victory."

Left to right: Labor Secretary Hilda Solis & César Chávez

First it was a cargo ship, now it’s an auditorium: "The one labor socialist many Americans love, United Farm Workers [UFW] co-founder César Chávez, finally has some real estate in Washington thanks to Labor Secretary Hilda Solis’ move Monday to name the department’s auditorium after the famous produce picker," the Washington Examiner reports.

After being personally trained by the infamous community organizer Saul Alinsky, Chávez co-founded the UFW with Democratic Socialists of America honorary co-chair Dolores Huerta to "fight for fair wages for migrant workers."

A side note:  Blaze readers may remember Dolores Huerta from a story we did in 2010 when she was caught on tape praising Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez in front of a high school audience.

Democratic Socialists of America honorary co-chair Dolores Huerta

“Today, we celebrate one of America's most powerful stories of courage and victory. The farm worker movement was begun by people who didn't have money or clout. Many were new to this country and lived season to season,” Solis said before an audience that included Huerta.

“They were hard-working people of the land who asked only for dignity and fair treatment, and today we are proud to give them the Department of Labor's highest honor."

She continued:

I want to honor a trailblazer who was there from the very beginning. She's a luchadora who endured arrests, death threats and beatings — a fearless woman who had her bones broken in the struggle but never her spirit. I'm proud to call her my teacher, my role model, and mi hermana. Brothers and sisters, let's show our appreciation for one of the living legends of the farm worker movement, Dolores Huerta.

"Dolores worked mano a mano with one of the most celebrated icons of the American civil rights movement: the great César Estrada Chávez, who was inducted into our Hall of Honor in 1998," Solis added.

Solis, along with Jill Biden, unveiled a mosaic of Chávez that will be on permanent display at the department.

Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis names and unveils the Cesar E. Chavez Memorial Auditorium. (Courtesy: Fox News Latino)

(H/T: WFB)

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