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I've Read It on the Obama Website:' Pro-Obamacare Protester Has Hard Time Defending Her Position


"I think that it's difficult for him to be publishing facts that are wrong"

"Is The Affordable Care Act Constitutional?"

Who better to ask than the thousands of protesters who gathered to defend their sides of the healthcare debate on the steps of the Supreme Court. We ventured out Tuesday afternoon to see how people were reacting.

All walks showed up. Many heated exchanges ensued. The basic fact remains: The issue of healthcare in America is a personal one, really personal.

Case in point: there was one protester who was adamant that being anti-Obamacare was synonymous with being anti-women. Oddly enough, we noticed her because she was yelling at a Tea Party woman in a motorized wheelchair.* She had a sign reading "Women are not a preexisting condition." According to her, there are studies that say "women are often charged up to 50 percent more" for the same procedure. When asked what study, she had a hard time explaining.

"I, I've read various studies. I can't point to one right now," she responded. She had an equally tough time when asked who produced it: "I mean, I've read it on the Obama website."

And would a study on the Obama website have a political agenda?

"Perhaps there is, but I think that it's difficult for him to be publishing facts that are wrong."

So if you cant defend the study where did you get the sign?

"I picked it up from down there."

See for yourself:

However, there were plenty of protesters who carried homemade signs and were not there to scream at the opposition. The majority of people we found in front of the Court were Tea Party members. Still, there were a fair share of colorful people in this cohort (we've also included the protester above  in the video):

By the way, we visited the Obama website and couldn't find the study.

*To be fair, we're not sure exactly what set the woman off. However, we did over hear someone say "you're not representing women well."


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