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Lou Dobbs: Obama responsible 'in part' for Trayvon Martin controversy


No matter which cute tinfoil hat you put on, it's weird to say that President Barack Obama is in some way responsible for Trayvon Martin's death becoming a national controversy. Fox Business' Lou Dobbs said it though. And he wasn't wearing any hat at all!

On his show Tuesday Dobbs said, "Why would [Obama's] campaign suddenly advertise hooded sweatshirts in the middle of a national controversy, in part created by the president himself?"

Come again?

Dobbs was referring to the hoodies the Obama campaign started selling Monday, three days after Obama publicly commented on the killing of Martin.

But here's a comprehensive guide on understanding how Obama is not responsible, even "in part" for the controversy:

1. Martin's killing became national news around the middle of March. It wasn't until March 23 that Obama commented on that matter after he was asked about it by a reporter.

2. Mitt Romney's campaign is also selling hoodies.

Something tells me Romney's probably not "in part" responsible either.

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