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Sharpton has no plans for line of wigs, sends wrong message to anorexics


In a short Q&A with Vanity Fair, Al Sharpton talked about his ridiculously goopy hair by name dropping James Brown and said he has no plans to start up a line of wigs.

In 1982, I was going to the White House with James Brown to meet with President Reagan to discuss a Martin Luther King holiday. So we took a Delta flight from Augusta to Atlanta to Washington, D.C., and while we were on the plane James Brown turned to me and said, “Reverend, I want you to start wearing your hair like mine, and I have arranged for you to have it done as soon as we land.” He said, “When we walk into the White House, I want everyone to see that you are like my son. And I want you to keep this hairstyle as long as I am alive.” I could never say no to James Brown. I never thought about a wig company, though.

Sharpton also answered a question about his weight loss with what might be the worst message you can send to America's weight-obsessed youth. "I used to be fat," he said. "Ten years ago I went to lead a protest in Vieques, Puerto Rico, at the navy base there, and was given a 90-day jail sentence. While in jail I called for a hunger strike, and I lost weight and started liking the way I looked."

Oh, Al.

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