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Bill Maher Calls George Zimmerman a 'Big, Fat, F**king Liar


"Aren't we all convinced?"


Bill Maher called George Zimmerman, who shot 17-year old Trayvon Martin in Florida last month, a "big, fat, f--king liar" on his show Friday night.

After airing a tape of Zimmerman at the police station after the shooting-- where many are saying that the man appears relatively unharmed despite his claim to have had a broken nose and a gash on his head-- Maher simply said, "Aren't we all convinced from that tape that this guy is a big, fat, f--cking liar?  Excuse my French."

Van Jones joined Maher on the panel, weighing in: "One of the things I think is terrible here is...when something horrible happens to a family member...the one thing you have going for you-- you don't have much going for you--  but usually, the police are on your side.  Your unarmed kid went outside and was murdered, usually the police are on your side...As an African American parent, it's really tough because we don't know now how to protect our kids...The guy had on a hoodie...I gotta put my kid in a tuxedo?"

Jones continued by noting that it was "very comforting" for African American community to have the president of the United States speak out on the case, "because we finally got a chance to hear somebody acknowledge that there was a racial dimension here."

Columnist Rich Galen agreed that it was "exactly the right tone" for the president to take, while Daily Beast columnist Elise Jordan reminded that Zimmerman has not yet had a fair trial.

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(H/T: Mediaite)

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