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Hijacking Holocaust Remembrance': Video Slams 'Anti-Israel Radicals' at Northeastern University


"...demonize and delegitimize the state of Israel and its supporters."

Americans for Peace and Tolerance/On Campus (APT), an organization that claims to "expose radical ideologies that threaten the academic integrity and knowledge seeking mission of America’s college campuses," has released a disturbing new video. The group, which deals with issues impacting Jewish students who support Israel, is accusing Northeastern University faculty of "abusing Holocaust Remembrance events for political purposes."

APT claims the video exposes professors and guest lecturers comparing Israelis to Nazis, disparaging Jews and issuing other unfavorable statements in recordings and e-mails. The nearly 17-minute video does, indeed, raise some questions.

"Northeastern is a popular and respected school, but there does exist a problem -- mostly confined to a few anti-Israel radicals among the professoriate and the administration," said APT President Charles Jacobs in a media release. "These individuals have used a chair donated for the purpose of teaching students about the genocide of European Jews to demonize and delegitimize the state of Israel and its supporters."

Jacobs went on to call these actions "unscholarly, insensitive and hurtful." Additionally, he said that it is troubling that certain Jewish faculty members are not speaking out about these issues. It is "academic freedom," Jacobs believes, that is used to protect those who he believes are willing to defame the Jewish community.

In a press release, the APT laid out three, specific actions that it is calling for in reaction to the video coverage that has been released:

1. The University should apologize and launch an independent investigation into how such demonization of Israel and the Jewish community could have occurred on campus.

2. The University should form a new Holocaust Awareness Committee composed of faculty sympathetic to Jewish peoplehood.

3. Professors who claim that Jews act like Nazis are engaging in hateful bigotry. To prevent such bigotry in the future, the University should extend its existing minority sensitivity training programs to include the Jewish people.

Below, watch the video that provides evidence, APT says, of anti-Israeli bigotry among Northeastern University faculty members:

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