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Here's someone else who wants to undress Mitt Romney


First Mitt Romney's wife Ann yesterday said "we better unzip him." Now an aide to the Romney campaign is using another undressing metaphor to illustrate the need for Mitt to be more casual.

From Politico's new ebook "Inside the Circus":

There were bad memories of Romney’s interview with Fox’s Bret Baier in November: On camera, Romney had seemed agitated, impatient and even angry and later complained to his aides that he felt set up. Some wanted to put Romney out more often, to “open up the kimono,” as one campaign insider put it, and let the voters see that “he’s a real person, that he bleeds red.”

Mitt really should loosen up his tie. Or roll up his sleeves. Unbutton the top of his blouse. Maybe slip into something a little more comfortable. Perhaps pull down his wetsuit halfway.


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