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50 Dollar Lampshade Man': Limbaugh Mocks Olbermann's Appearance on Letterman


"You're not a $10 million chandelier."

Rush Limbaugh took a minute out of his radio show today to gloat over the failure of Keith Olbermann at Current TV - especially the part where Olbermann claims the only reason he failed is because he was too good for Current.

Appearing on David Letterman's show last night, Olbermann described himself as a "$10 million chandelier" which Current TV couldn't do justice to because it "didn't have a house to put [Olbermann] in." Limbaugh, in classic ironic mode, took Olbermann's metaphor and twisted it into an insult.

"You're not a $10 million chandelier," Limbaugh laughed, addressing Olbermann, "you're the guy sitting in the corner of the room wearing a $50 lamp shade."

Listen to the segment below (via Daily Rushbo):

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