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Revealed: The Anti-Christian, Anti-Capitalist Messages of Urban Outfitters' Supplier, Obey Clothing


If you're a parent out on a clothing binge, you might want to beware - even clothing stores may have an agenda. Specifically, a brand known as "Obey Clothing," which stocks Urban Outfitters, among other department stores, has been marketing increasingly aggressive looking products to teens, which include items like the following set of stickers:

If the Soviet reminiscent art style looks familiar, it should - Obey Clothing is the brainchild of Shepard Fairey, the man responsible for the tongue-in-cheek "OBEY" poster featuring Andre the Giant. Oh, and this gem:


And that's not all Fairey is responsible for. Featured on the website for his clothing line is a section titled, ironically, "Propaganda." It includes such 'hopeful images' as the following:



And to top it off, here's Fairey himself proudly posing in front of one of these compositions:

The same style of iconography appears, albeit in a far more muted way, on the products sold by Obey, almost all of which contain some sort of anti-establishment implication - sometimes even verging into vulgarity or anti-Christian symbolism. Consider the following:

And just to repeat - these are not produced by some cut rate art house fashion outlet. The company that makes these gets stocked at Urban Outfitters and Nordstroms, among others. In fact, one of Urban Outfitters' designers works closely with Obey Clothing:

Men's designer Mike Temosky is one of the main guys responsible for translating Shepard Fairey's vision to Obey. But that's just one of the many things he does.

The daughter of a Blaze reader was disturbed to find this label while shopping at Urban Outfitters:

Would you want your kids coming home wearing any of these? Weigh in below.

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