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Arby's Responds to Annoyed Limbaugh Fans by Blocking Them on Twitter


"Arby’s, we’re thinkin’ you really screwed up."

Remember all the self-righteous chest thumping that went on after conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh made fun of the 30-year old Georgetown activist Sandra Fluke?

I'm sure you do. Politicians, celebrities, and major companies all got in on the "Censure Limbaugh" action. And why not? It was all the rage. Everyone was doing it.

And just like any good fad, somebody's always late to the party. In this particular story, that "somebody" is Arby's. Yep: the third-tier fast food chain announced yesterday (again, about a month late) that it would be removing advertisements from Limbaugh's program.

Odd: “Limbaugh notes that Arby’s has never been a sponsor of his show,” Twitchy reports.

Unsurprisingly, as other advertisers boycotting Limbaugh quickly discovered, many customers have expressed irritation with Arby's for publicly condemning the talk show host.

“Arby’s has alienated a large number of current and potential customers, who view this move as a strike against free speech,” Twitchy (conservative authoress Michelle Malkin’s start-up) reports.

In fact, many customers decided to voice their opinion via Arby's Twitter feed:

So how did the fast food chain respond to all the negative comments made by (likely) conservative customers? By blocking whoever sent them, of course.

Because, you know,  if you can’t see your customer’s complaints, it must not be happening, right?

What are you talking about? People love us!

“Arby’s has begun blocking conservatives who have tweeted complaints,” Twitchy reports.

Apparently, it's not just a few here and there -- it looks like a fair number of Twitter accounts have been blocked by the fast food chain:

Good grief, they’re actually blocking customer criticism? Now we’re not corporate strategists or anything, but we’re pretty sure blocking customers is just about the worst PR move a company can make.

"Arby’s had one foot in it yesterday … we guess they decided they needed to step in it with the other foot to even things out," Twitchy writes, "Arby’s, we’re thinkin’ you really screwed up."

Of course, to be fair, blocking people on Twitter isn't the worst idea Arby's has come up with...

Click here to see a more complete list of blocked users.

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