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Post-racial' president's campaign lacks diversity


Jim Messina, Barack Obama's reelection chairman, is leading an "army of twenty-somethings" in the president's Chicago campaign headquarters, Buzzfeed notes today in an article proclaiming that it's "Game On" for the Obama camp.  It's been a year since the reelection HQ opened its doors and it's finally ready to get it's campaign machine going again (as if it ever stopped).

But for a president who always ties himself to roots on the south side of Chicago, this look inside his campaign HQ suggests that this "post-racial" president isn't drawing much diversity to his campaign.  Blogger Ace noticed it and wrote up this inspired headline:

It's "Game On" At Obama's Chicago Campaign HQ, If the Game You're Playing is "Whites-Only Dungeons & Dragons"

Ace also put together a hilarious top 10 list definitely worth a read: The Top 10 Things Almost as White as Obama's Campaign HQ Staff

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