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Devil-Worshipping Male Escort Accused of Stabbing 'Sugar Daddy' to Death


"He told me and my brother what he was going to do (kill Davis) but we thought he was kidding."

File this one under: "complicated," "bizarre" and "mind-numbing." An 18-year-old alleged devil-worshiping male escort is being accused of beating and stabbing his "sugar-daddy" to death. Authorities in Ormond Beach, Florida, have charged the teen, named Dillon O'Donnell, with first degree murder in the killing of William "Billy" Davis, 38.

The murder weapons of choice were purportedly a folding knife and a garden ornament. Davis' body was found on Friday in the yard of a two-story home he shared with his grandmother and aunt. O'Donnell's roommates claim, as per news reports, that he had recently become an escort in an effort to bring in some fast cash and that Davis was one of his first clients.

"He told me and my brother what he was going to do (kill Davis) but we thought he was kidding," said Richard DeForest, O'Donnell's 21-year-old roommate, in an interview with The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

The day before the murder, the roommates claimed that O'Donnell was waving around a knife and talking about ending the victim's life. According to the Daily Mail, the teen felt that David owed him $800 -- a sum, authorities say, may have been at the center of the murder.

Equally bizarre are the roommate's claims that O'Donnell is a devil-worshipper.

"He was satanic so we thought it had something to do with that; we thought he was looking for attention," DeForest continued, going on to also say that the accused likes to wear a red and white contact lens so that he appears demonic.

NBC Orlando adds the following witness account from O'Donnell's roommates:

Both roommates said they saw O'Donnell cleaning blood off of his arms, but didn't think anything of it because he routinely participated in devil worshiping rituals.

The Daily Mail provides more information about how the events allegedly unfolded the days leading up to the murder:

In the days before the murder, Mr Davis and O'Donnell had been texting each other, police said.

The texting was initiated by Mr Davis, who at 10am on Thursday, asked O'Donnell if he could see him that evening, the report states.

At around 10pm that night Mr Davis picked O'Donnell up from his home and took him back to his house.

Sometime early Friday, Davis' aunt Shirley Davis noticed a man was trying to hard in the side yard of the property and called the police.

Davis' body was found dumped in the yard.

The teen was arrested after being suspected of committing the crime early on Saturday. Investigators are continuing to examine the case.

(H/T: Daily Mail)

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