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Trans women will now be allowed to compete in Trump's Miss Universe pageant


The hubbub over Donald Trump's "Miss Universe" pageant started a couple weeks ago when Jenna Talackova (pictured right), a 23-year-old transgender Canadian woman, was disqualified from the competition.

Talackova sued and was allowed back in. Now, after a little pressure from gay and lesbian groups, pageant officials are changing the rules to allow future transgender women to compete, starting in 2013.

“For more than two weeks, the Miss Universe Organization and Mr. Trump made it clear to GLAAD that they were open to making a policy change to include women who are transgender,” GLAAD spokesperson Herndon Graddick said in a statement. “We appreciate that he and his team responded swiftly and appropriately. The Miss Universe Organization today follows institutions that have taken a stand against discrimination of transgender women including the Olympics, NCAA, the Girl Scouts of America and The CW’s America’s Next Top Model."

Sounds like a happy ending for every young birl.

[The Advocate]

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