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Al-Qaeda Airlines': New Terrorist Magazine Extols Benefits of Chloroform


Urges readers to "go and obtain a rabbit or a frog" to test whether the animal "faints or dies" from exposure

The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) recently revealed that a new magazine has been started for Islamic extremists.  The name of the magazine?  "Al-Qaeda Airlines."

The first issue, which is 73 pages, is reportedly dedicated almost exclusively to the benefits of chloroform, and how to manufacture it on your own.

The author, a bomb-making expert, said he "chose to write about [chloroform] for a number of reasons, including to introduce 'variety' on the forum's military section, which focuses primarily on explosives, and to share knowledge about the chemical's various applications in jihadi operations: manufacturing poisons and deadly gases, assassinating enemy targets, and supplementing explosives.

The author explains that individuals "can obtain chloroform in two ways: by purchasing it from veterinary clinics, biology labs, or hospitals, or by manufacturing it themselves."

After providing step-by-step instructions for making it at home, he then urges readers to "go and obtain a rabbit or a frog" to test whether the animal "faints or dies" from exposure to the final product.

Chloroform is best to "put it in the enemy's food or drink, due to its relatively sweet odor and flavor," the radical author continues, but is useful in assassination purposes for a number of reasons, as it can be lethal or have a sedative effect.

House Homeland Security Committee head Pete King (R-L.I.), said that the new publication “underscores the growing threat from radicalization within the Muslim-American community and ‘lone wolf’ terrorism," which he has "repeatedly argued pose one of the gravest threats to U.S. national security.”

MEMRI estimates that the magazine has already been disseminated among countless jihadis.

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