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Beck Asks: What's With All the 'Love-Talk' Among Race Baiters?


Not long after it was revealed that black teen Trayvon Martin was shot and killed by a neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, the usual group of "race-baiters" took to the airwaves, instigating what Glenn Beck considers nothing less than an all-out race war.

The most inflammatory instance came from Louis Farrakhan, who issued veiled threat against Zimmerman's life, and members of the New Black Panthers, who literally said that in order for the black race to elevate itself, the streets would have to run with "blood."  Yet despite these obvious calls for violence, New Black Panther activists, along with Al Sharpton, Van Jones and others, are now talking almost exclusively about "love" ...of the Martin Luther King variety.

Watch below as Beck dissects the anomaly occurring among "race wars'" most dedicated soldiers:

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