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Obama: Kanye West Still a 'Jackass


"But he's talented."

President Obama stayed consistent this week in his rhetoric by affirming, as he has in the past, that Kanye West is still a 'Jackass."

In an Atlantic interview Published Thursday, The commander-in-chief spoke out about the rap star that hails from the same side of Chicago as he does.

"[Kanye's] a Chicago guy," Obama noted "Smart. He's very talented."

But Obama thought differently after the raper famously ruined Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech during the MTV Video Music Awards in 2009. Back then, he jumped on stage, grabbed her microphone and blurted out who he thinks should have won.

Obama soon after called the stunt 'absurd' before preparation for an interview in the White House.  "She seems like a nice girl," the President said in reference to Swift. When asked by the reporter why Kanye would do that, Obama quipped "He's a Jackass."  The leaked YouTube video was a viral hit:

When Atlantic writer David Samuels reminded Obama about the previous incident this week, Obama reaffirmed his stance.

"He is a jackass," said the president. “But he's talented.”

West has a history of Presidential insult and irritation.  West mentioned George W. Bush "Hates black people" in a hugely controversial statement on live TV.  The statement was made during a humanitarian fundraiser for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Bush wrote in his memoir "Decision Points" that West's mini-rant was the lowest point in his presidency.  Perhaps distaste for Kanye is a small point of agreement between the two ideologically opposed administrations.

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