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Obama would rather listen to Jay-Z over 'jackass' Kanye West


Remember when President Barack Obama called rapper Kanye West a jackass for... being a jackass? That was in 2009 and Obama didn't realize a mic he was wearing for an interview was on just yet.

But here we are in 2012 and Obama doesn't apologize for what he said. He still thinks West is a jackass.

At a recent New York City fundraiser, Obama was asked to choose between West and another rapper Jay-Z. He picked Jay-Z.

"[Kanye's] a Chicago guy," Obama told the magazine, which published the interview on Thursday. "Smart. He's very talented."

When journalist David Samuels reminded Obama he’d previously called Kanye a “jackass,” Obama said he still thought that way.

"He is a jackass," said the president. “But he's talented.”

At least he called him talented.

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