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N. Korea decides not to lie to its people about its broken rocket


Leadership in North Korea is famous for lying to its people about almost everything. For example, "official records" say the country's former leader Kim Jong-Il learned to walk just three weeks after birth and started talking coherently at the eight-week mark.

But under the new leader Kim Jong-Un, it's dawn in North Korea. After the country completely failed at launching a long-range rocket yesterday, leadership decided to tell the truth.

In a highly unusual move, the North, which still claims success with a 2009 satellite that others say failed, admitted in a state television broadcast seen by its 23 million people that the latest satellite had not made it into orbit.

They just couldn't bring themselves to go with the alternate version of events stating that Jong-Un, fearing the rocket might be on path to destroy the moon, flew up and caught it.


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