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Real News from The Blaze': Why Are Human Rights Violations Only Opposed by the White House on a Case-by-Case Basis?


While the current news on North Korea may be focused on their futile attempts at nuclear proliferation, there seems to be a lack of attention from the Obama administration to the human rights violations in the far-eastern nation. Mitt Romney has bemoaned that North Korea’s defiance of the west is a clear indication that the policy of the administration to attempt new engagement with the insubordinate nation is a failure.

It’s been nearly two months since the State Department missed its statutory deadline to release human rights reports, something they claim is because “the Secretary wants to personally roll out the reports due to the importance she places on human rights.”

Should there be any delay in such reports as massive human rights violations have occurred and been receiving an increased level of attention in Syria? Wouldn’t this be the perfect time for the US State Department to address human rights? This administration seems to have a number of different standards on human rights. While Libya was held to one standard, Syria is receiving another. As America has avoided speaking out on human rights, the instability around the world appears to be on the rise.

On 'Real News' Friday, Buck Sexton argued that it is easy to complain about human rights violations going on in North Korea, but more difficult to enact effective policy to solve the issue. "As long as China doesn't want to do anything, there isn't much we can do" Sexton said in frustration with the geo-political arrangements that make it difficult for the United States to act.

On the broader issue of human rights and military intervention, Will Cain brought attention to the difficulties in defining what actions, beyond the obvious, constitute human rights violations.

"Is it our job to be the police of human rights throughout the world," Matt McCall went on to ask, while recognizing the difficulties of dealing with this issue. "I don't know."

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