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The DNC Chair's new look may surprise you


When Debbie Wasserman Schultz speaks... (add your own punchline here) I typically tune in, because she:

  • - is the Chair of the DNC and thus, what she says is typically going to be the message du jour of the party. (At least for that day.)

  • - also has a tendency to stray wildly from the approved message and make crazy statements worth ridicule and mockery.

  • - will frequently roll her eyes on camera like the disapproving best friend of the hot girl in a romantic comedy... you know, in the scene when the bad-boy-lead-character first tries to hit on the good looking girl... and the Debbie-type will make a move to block him.


The irritating, angry voice blasting from my television was unmistakable... However, I did not initially recognize the person on a mission to trash the GOP and Mitt Romney. Who was she?

Flowing locks, muted colors in her business suit and a classic single-strand of pearls. WHO WAS THIS WOMAN THAT HAD STOLEN THE VOICE OF DEBBIE WASSERMAN SCHULTZ?

I was shocked to see the on-screen identifier proving my ears were right - the woman seen about is Debbie Wasserman Schultz! My confusion is not all that amazing. After all, this is what we typically see when the DNC chair shows up on TV.


So, who do we have to thank for this transformation? There were rumors that Debbie has been the recipient of media training from her "good friend" Hilary Rosen. Any good media consultant will include advice on a client's look as well as the words they speak.

Not surprisingly, the DNC Chair was appearing on MSNBC to defend Rosen's ridiculous comments, diminish the dust-up and try to claim that Hilary Rosen was never on the party's payroll. Thanks to a report by the Washington Examiner's Charlie Spiering, we now know that Rosen's firm was paid handsomely for her work with Dems.

"DNC has paid $120,000 to Rosen's firm since 2011 for both a "communications consultant" and "media consultant," tweeted Joe Pounder, the director at the RNC, "Sounds like Dunn and Rosen."

Here is the new-look Debbie on MSNBC, claiming that Rosen was never paid to work for the Democrats under her watch? She's been the Chair since May of 2011... So, we wonder - Did Hilary Rosen make her money before May 2011 or is Ms. Wasserman Schultz lying?

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I must admit that I like the new look. But, it also reminds me of an old saying... one that I heard in the Congresswoman's South Florida district.

"You can take the gator out of the swamp, but you can't take the swamp out of the gator."


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