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Swanky Deluxe: Get a Load of Some of These Homes Where President Obama Has Held Fundraisers


Now nobody should begrudge these homeowners for their wealth or lifestyles. Most, if not all, have earned the right to live in such spacious and beautiful homes.

At the home of Harvey Weinstein, the president raised $1.7M

The whole thing just seems a little odd considering the fact that the president and his re-election team are trying their best to position him as a “warrior for the middle class." Now we don't know about you, but when we think "middle class" (i.e. our childhoods), we don't remember having eight bathrooms or hurricane-proof wine cellars.

But, again, that’s fine; no one begrudges Don and Katrina Peebles for their $7.49 million home. It’s their right.The president has traveled the country giving speech after speech about how “millionaires and billionaires” don’t pay their fair share and that they don’t play by the rules.

At the home of Costco co-founder Jeff Brotman, the president raised $1.16M

Isn’t that speech just the slightest bit uncomfortable when delivered in, say, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein’s $15 million home?

Watch Bloomberg's Hans Nichols report on some of the president’s fundraiser’s ultra-swanky homes (via Bloomberg):

“This year, Obama has attended a series of fundraisers at high-profile donors’ homes, including NBA all-star Vince Carter and director Tyler Perry,” the Washington Free Beacon reports.

At the home of Alonzo Mourning, the president raised $1M

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