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Farrakhan Warns Young Leaders They Risk Being Killed if They Sell Out


"...people tomorrow -- maybe in a few days -- are going to kill their leaders who have been selling them out."

The Minister Louis Farrakhan (Photo Credit: Getty)

Over the past week, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan told audiences that Jesus was a black Muslim. Additionally, he said that the phenomenon of Caucasians and African Americans breeding will mean the end of the black race. These, of course, are only two examples of his regularly-touted oddball ideological constructs. On Saturday evening, while addressing students and attendees at LeMoyne-Owens College in Memphis, Tennessee, Farrakhan added to his list of bizarre commentary when he told young leaders that they risk being killed if they sell out.

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The fiery Nation of Islam lecture -- like others The Blaze has highlighted -- is part of Farrakhan's ongoing college speaking series. During a portion of his address, the minister had some stunning advice. In addition to telling students who wish to be leaders in the African American community that they must love their people above all else, he urged them to have moral character. But he also warned them that leadership could lead to their murder.

"Now if you want to lead black people, you can't love money more than you love your people," he said. "You can't love the big house, the big car more than you love the advancement of your people, because the enemy prints money every day that has no value, so there is no real leadership if it's not rooted in moral character."

He continued, challenging the young people in the audience to truly consider whether they want to assume leadership positions.

"You want to be leaders, right? You sure, you sure? You better check yourself," he said. "Because leadership is nothing to play with, because people tomorrow -- maybe in a few days -- are going to kill their leaders who have been selling them out. That's why we're in the shape we're in right now because we had corrupt people or people who started out good and got corrupted."

Watch these odd comments, below:

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