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Third Rail of American Politics: Homeless Occupier Tries to Hold Up Subway; Hilarity Ensues


"Now we have the fascist cops who are gonna try and jump down and arrest me."

San Francisco commuters faced an unexpected delay when trying to get home on San Francisco's BART subway system. Specifically, a protester calling himself Michael jumped on the train tracks and began railing against everything from Wells Fargo to the police.

"I'm tired and I represent over 99 percent of Americans, middle class workers who are tired of seeing their money taken by franchises like, oh, international banking franchises like Wells Fargo and Bank of America. I was occupied. We're here and we're not going away. You think I was just a nut? Believe me, I'm not a nut. I was occupied. And we are tired of the rich over-class elitists taking our money! And we're not gonna let it happen in the Mission District," Michael ranted. "We are tired of this and we're not leaving. Now we have the fascist cops who are gonna try and jump down and arrest me. Somebody livestreaming that?"

To their credit, representatives of the latter entity attempted to reason with him right up until a train started rolling into the station. At this point, the third rail was de-electrified and policemen jumped onto the tracks to Michael and pull him out of harm's way. By the time this happened, the novelty had worn off and passengers were getting impatient. Watch the bizarre incident below:

Munidiaries informs us that Michael was apparently a homeless man whose protest was partially motivated by his being tired of sleeping on the streets.

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