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Oops: Van Jones Gets Trayvon Martin's Name Wrong While Trying to Rip 'Stand Your Ground' Laws


"the whole Trayvon Williams thing..."

Slightly embarrassing moment for former Obama adviser Van Jones.

In an interview with, the former Green Energy Czar tried to reference the Trayvon Martin shooting to condemn "stand your ground" laws. The only problem is, he botched Martin's name.

Jones: "This group called ALEC* is down the butter.  This awful group that has been passing these evil laws that take the vote away from black people, that attack immigrants and the whole Trayvon Williams thing, the stand your ground, kill at will law, all that came from the same group..."

[Interrupting] Interviewer: "The murder?"

Jones: "Yea, Trayvon."

Interviewer: "Martin."

Jones then attempted to recover from the sensitive misstep by cracking an equally awkward joke.

Jones: (Laughing) "Two! They killed two Trayvons!"

Interviewer: "Whoa."

Jones: "Nah, they killed one and one to many. God bless the dead."

See the bad joke here:

The interview took place on April 17th at the Rebuild the Dream HQ where Jones was promoting his new book.

*ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council) has now disbanded the task force that focused on defending things like stand-your-ground laws. You can read about that here

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