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Bieber Fever Turns Deadly: Man Pretends to Be Justin Bieber in Order to Get Teens to Perform Sex Acts on Webcam

Lee Moyer

In what must be the sleaziest exploitation of a pop star's fans in recent memory, a Canadian man was recently arrested for pretending to be pop star Justin Bieber in various online chatrooms, all as a ploy to induce pre-teens to perform lewd acts onscreen. And the worst part is that it apparently worked on some of them.

Canadian Lee Moyer's modus operandi sounds like something out of a horror movie - he would pose as Bieber in online chat rooms, then proceed to pressure his victims into performing live sex acts on webcam for him. Then, once he had all the screengrabs he could want of their shame, he would start threatening them with exposure on porn sites. Some of the victims of this cruel treatment were as young as 12 years old.

The worst part? Moyer doesn't even look anything like Bieber, unless Bieber has suddenly decided to start aping the hairstyles of members of the Church of Satan:

Justin Bieber

You can watch the original video report on this deeply disturbing criminal below:



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