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Irony: Farrakhan & Nation of Islam Release E-Book Condemning 'Extreme Language' That Is Endangering the Obamas & Making 'Racial Conflict Inevitable


"...characterized in graphical depictions in a disgraceful manner never before accorded to an American president and first lady..."

The research arm of Louis Farrakhan’s radical Nation of Islam has released a new e-book defending President Barack Obama and his family against attacks from “very influential people within America’s political arena.” The document, “President Barack Obama: Evil Spoken Of,” was promoted and distributed on Thursday through the organization’s official media outlet, Final Call.

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“President Obama has been called vile names, and both he and his wife have been referred to in words and characterized in graphical depictions in a disgraceful manner never before accorded to an American president and first lady,” the introduction to the book reads (despite the fact that a simple Google search shows the harsh images that were attributed to President George W. Bush as well).

From the media to prominent political leaders, the Nation of Islam Research Group (NOIRG) tackles numerous anecdotal examples of individuals who have apparently created “a dangerous climate in the United States of America for President Barack H. Obama and the members of his family.”

Among those responsible, according to the book, are Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Eric Cantor (who the document makes sure to call the “leading Jewish congressional representative”) and Bill Clinton, among many others. Glenn Beck, too, is named.

The introduction of the book also makes it a point to note that Farrakhan has condemned the “avalanche of hatred” that has been thrown at the president and his family. While pinpointing and righting wrongs is certainly noble, the document, of course, mentions nothing of the radically racial and divisive commentary that the Nation of Islam leader so frequently spouts.

In another fit of irony, the text proclaims that the individuals targeted within the e-book have removed the “mark of civility” and that this has caused “escalating levels of racial conflict inevitable.” Apparently, Farrakhan’s ethnically-focused words that disparage whites and seek to create a wedge between Africans Americans and Caucasions contribute little to this problem. The examples of this rhetoric are plentiful.

“It ain’t about hating you. We ain’t got no time for that. But we know who we’re dealing with. We know what we’re dealing with,” Farrakhan warned whites earlier this week. “We know your origin in the world and we know how long you were set to live and unless you change, your end has come.”

Under a header entitled, “Extreme Language & Insults,” countless examples of disparaging remarks against the president and his wife are presented. Many of the examples of alleged discrimination were centered upon public officials who caught fire after forwarding offensive e-mails featuring racist depictions of the president; others were based on public commentary. Here are a few, presented in the below screen shot:

In some examples presented by NOIRG, Obama is made to look like a monkey, a witch doctor, the anti-Christ and Hitler. In one image, the leader of the free world is standing next to a swastika; in another, he's been given devil horns and made to look like evil.

In its sum, the document appears to be an attempt to defend President Barack Obama, despite criticisms Farrakhan has thrown his way over the past few years. Regardless of where one stands on the controversial minister, this document does little to counterbalance the oft-touted racist messaging he disseminates through his web site and – most recently – his college speaking tour.

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