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Ron Paul the Action Hero? A 'Video Game Libertarians Can Be Excited About'!


"...dedicated to making liberty sexy."

It's Super Mario Brothers and Sonic the Hedgehog meets libertarian fantasy. Ron Paul the video game is where all your desires to see the man win the presidency and end the Federal Reserve are now in your control.

Created by Ron Paul supporter and programmer Daniel Williams, the "Road to REVOLution" is his "gift to the liberty-loving community." When complete, the game will allow you to take on the role of Ron where you'll go through all 50 levels (representative of the 50 states) to win delegates and collect gold coins along the way, which will unlock keys to the Federal Reserve where you will battle in 13 "Boss Fights."

Here Williams explains the project:

"If there's a game about Ron, it's gotta be awesome," Williams said.

Williams used the Kickstarter fundraising site -- a site where start-ups petition the community for donations where they are given a deadline to meet a goal amount of funding -- to get his work going. He has 11 days left on his deadline and has already exceeded his $5,000 goal with more than $7,000 from 116 backers.

Currently built in HTML5, Williams said he also hopes to create an app version as well. He said he plans on the game being free of charge, although the app versions may come at a cost. Williams hopes to have a beta version ready mid-June and a final product complete in July.

In addition to spreading his Ron Paul support in an animated, action-adventure context, Williams wrote on the Kickstarter site that he also hopes his efforts will "perpetuate the spirit of Indie Games" as he says there is "so much red tape that game developers face in the world of gaming today."

Learn more about the "Road to REVOLution" video game here.

[H/T SlashGear]

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