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Nugent Tells Glenn Beck About 'Great' Secret Service Meeting: 'Truth & Logic Wins


"I went and rock 'n rolled and they went secret-servicing."

Rocker and outspoken gun supporter Ted Nugent appeared this morning on Glenn Beck's radio program where he discussed his 40-minute meeting with the U.S. Secret Service. The musician has captured headlines this week after uttering controversial words at the National Rifle Association (NRA) conference last weekend.

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During the discussion, Beck asked Nugent to explain what happened during his meeting with the Secret Service. Nugent, who showered praise upon the agents, overviewed the discussion and took further aim at Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL).

"Well, I cannot put it in more positive terms. What a couple of professional, cordial, take care of business federal agents they were," he explained. "We got down to business and they wanted to make sure that they understood that I threatened no one's life and they determined that, shook hands and I went and rock 'n rolled and they went secret-servicing."

Nugent went so far as to call the interaction "a great experience." Additionally, he later said that he found "none of the questions intrusive or outrageous," while praising the notion that "truth and logic wins."

As far as Schultz goes, Nugent had plenty to say

"Some maniac," he said, describing the person (presumably Schultz) who spawned the investigation against him. "Some brain-dead, lunatic, fringe Mao fan said that Ted Nugent threatened the president's life so these guys had to respond no matter how looney that claim was."

As for a concert that some have said will be cancelled at Fort Knox, Nugent said that -- as far as he knows -- this hasn't yet happened, but "there's always that possibility," he maintained.

Watch Beck's interview with Nugent, below:

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