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This woman drank too much Coke, smoked too much then died at 30


Natasha Harris was addicted to Coke. As in Coca-Cola. She drank roughly two gallons per day.

Harris was a stay-at-home mother of eight children in New Zealand and died of a heart attack in 2010.

A pathologist, Dr. Dan Mornin, testified at an inquest on Thursday to determine the death of Harris.

Mornin said that toxic levels of caffeine, a stimulant found in Coke, also may have contributed to her death, according to Fairfax. ...

Harris' partner said Harris drank Coke from sunup to sundown and also said she wasn't eating enough and smoked about 30 cigarettes every day.

In its defense a spokesman for Coca-Cola said even excessive consumption of water can lead to death.

That's called "drowning."


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