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Yes, This Is a Gigantic Sarah Palin Head Being Used to Roast a Pig

Image source: Los Angeles Times

Sarah Palin sculpture


An ornate metal sculpture modeled after former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has found a new home in President Barack Obama's hometown. And the larger-than-life rendering of Palin's head doesn't just feature an homage to her signature updo and glasses -- it cooks too!

Chicago artist J. Taylor Wallace demonstrated his creation's cooking capacity Friday at the Bridgeport Art Center, roasting a suckling pig in honor of the statue's installation there.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Wallace said making the sculpture "was kind of in response to the political climate at that time, when the healthcare debate was going on. I thought she was a distraction from what was important, and it was cathartic to spend three months doing it.... It helped me out a lot."

Wallace's "catharsis" came in the form of crafting Palin with a wide-open mouth, seemingly frozen mid-scream, with the smoke from the cooker giving the effect of steam rising from her head.

The sculpture, titled "We're havin' a Tea Parody" (or "Pear-ody," according to other reports) was first unveiled last year at the National Ornamental Museum in Memphis, Tenn., according to CBS Chicago. A pig was roasted for that occasion as well.

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