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Texas 'Anger Room' Allows Customers to Smash Away Their Stress -- for a Price


"The room is fitted with computers, printers, television sets, and other breakable items..."

Glamorized by movies like "Office Space," many disgruntled employees have admittedly fantasized about taking a baseball bat to a copy machine or, apparently, throwing a printer against a wall.

Now, such individuals can turn their violent workplace impulses into a reality in a controlled, for-profit setting.

In Texas' "Anger Room," perturbed clients are given five minutes to destroy anything they want in a space made to resemble a workplace, or even a living room or kitchen, for $25.

The room is fitted with dummies, computers, printers, television sets, and other breakable items-- and clients go to town with their choice of weapons.  Baseball bat?  No problem.  Golf club?  Right there. 

One woman seemingly ripped off the arm off of a dummy, and began pummeling a vacuum cleaner.

The brainchild behind the "Anger Room," Donna Alexander, explained how she thought of the idea: "When guys get into it with their girlfriends, stuff like that, they would literally punch holes in walls.  It's just something I felt there was a need for."

But experts are warning that the "Anger Room" may not be a healthy way to release stress.  In fact, it may just fuel certain violent tendencies.

While the Anger Room website urges customers to"do everything you’ve dreamed of doing when you’re mad without paying the insane cost and severe consequences of your actions," Dr Jennifer Hartstein explained to CBS that "it doesn't actually solve the problem."  

Moreover, might it desensitize the customers to real violence?

One thing seems unanimous in the reports, however. 

Whether it's a business executive, waitress, telemarketer, or attorney-- clients come upset, and leave with a smile.

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