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Rush Limbaugh: 'The US Would Be a Better Place Without the New York Times


"Union benefit packages are unsustainable."

Rush Limbaugh just doesn't want to lay off the New York Times. First, he savaged this video by the New York Times editorial and reporting staff complaining about their potential loss of pensions:

With this clip from his show:

And now, fresh from that segment, Limbaugh has decided to dig in his heels and point out that, while their grievances are unrealistic, it might be good for America if the staff went on strike and refused to print information. Why? Because it would mean the end of the New York Times, and would demonstrate just what the results of support for liberal policies are - namely, bankruptcy. The Daily Rushbo has cut out the most searing part of the monologue, reproduced below:

RUSH: No, no, no.  Follow me, Snerdley.  There’s part… (interruption) Yes, yes! Let the union hold tight; have the Times go out of business.  That might be one of the best things that ever happened to country.  Stop and think about that.  The US would be a better place without the New York Times.  If these writers and all these people you hear in this video, if they get their way, if they don’t buck, they don’t buckle and force the New York Times into bankruptcy? Well, I asked the other day: Can you imagine what a different country we would be if we had a media that actually was as the Founding Fathers envisioned it?

The full segment, cut out to form a video, can be heard here:

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