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When You Ask Protesters if Illegals Should be Allowed to Vote, You Get These Answers...


"nobody's illegal, they're undocumented"

This week, the Supreme Court heard arguments in the Arizona immigration law case. And where there are Supreme Court oral arguments in big cases, there are usually protesters. MRC TV went out and interviewed the protesters chanting and singing outside the Court this week in support of the bill and asked a simple question: Should illegal immigrants be allowed to vote in America?

The answers might surprise you.

There's an SEIU protester saying "They should be," a very flummoxed woman who has a hard time deciding, and then there's this guy:

Not only is he proudly displaying his "Vote Socialist" paper and running for "vice president," but he also boasts that his entire family is composed of illegal immigrants who have been in America for 23 years, but he clarifies that "no one is illegal" but only "undocumented."

There's also the woman who says she's simply there for the "good songs."

But there were also several people who do not think illegals should be given the right to vote. See for yourself below (and stick around to the very end of the video to see the people who tried to interrupt several interviews):

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