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You Haven't Even Thought This Out': O'Reilly Confronts 'Drop the I-Word' Spokeswoman in Sizzling 'Factor' Segment

You Haven't Even Thought This Out': O'Reilly Confronts 'Drop the I-Word' Spokeswoman in Sizzling 'Factor' Segment

"And you don't even know what you want!"

Bill O'Reilly's program "The O'Reilly Factor" lived up to its reputation as the "no-spin zone" last night when Monica Novoa, a spokeswoman for the new initiative "Drop the I-Word," which aims to make usage of the term "illegal alien" morally on par with racial slurs, tried to weasel out of answering his questions about what the law surrounding immigration ought to be. Novoa, as it turned out, had no answer to this question.

Novoa began the interview by cockily asserting that while America was a "nation of laws," it was also a nation of "humane laws" and that laws that weren't also humane could be changed. Rather than challenge her implicit premise that U.S. immigration law is inhumane, O'Reilly went for a different tack.

"So change [the laws]," he said. "Don't demonize people who are accurate in the description as using a slur or using a hate word, 'cause that's not true."

Laughing mockingly, Novoa pointed out that Fox News Latino didn't use the word "illegal."

"[Fox News Latino] will not join the bandwagon of dehumanizing people who are immigrants," she said.

O'Reilly was unfazed, and proceeded to probe more deeply. "I don't think I'm dehumanizing everyone by describing what the reality is," he said. "Do you believe we should have open borders here, that anyone who comes to the United States should be able to come?"

It was at this point that Novoa made her first mistake. "I think that what we should be doing right now is looking at the reality," she began, before O'Reilly pounced.

"Miss Novoa, Miss Novoa, Miss Novoa, what you did is just dodge a question, and now you're filibustering, that's two things we don't allow on this program."

Over the course of the next minute or so, Novoa continued to spout platitudes as O'Reilly continually tried to push her for specifics, at one point even appointing her the hypothetical "Czar" of immigration, and asking her what her policy would be. And then, once he had shot down all her preplanned answers, came an uncharacteristic sight: Novoa literally sat silently, completely stumped. It was at this point that O'Reilly delivered his harshest criticism of the segment.

"You haven't even thought this out, Miss Novoa," O'Reilly said coldly. "You have not even thought this out. And with all due respect, because I appreciate you coming in here, you come in here with a very hot campaign, alright? Run by a far-Left website, demonizing people like me who are accurately telling the people what's happening. And you don't even know what you want. You don't even know what you want."

Amazingly, Novoa still hadn't realized she was bleeding. "Fox News Latino agrees with us, maybe you can talk a little bit to them?"

O'Reilly curtly responded that he could do his own show regardless of what other shows or channels he was affiliated with did. Novoa responded by simply asserting that "the I-word" was racist. O'Reilly shot that down by pointing out that not all illegal immigrants were Latino, but that many were in fact Asian, Russian. The point was, according to O'Reilly, that they were crossing the borders illegally, hence they were illegal aliens.

"I have to say, I'm very surprised that I gave you the opportunity to define for millions of people, what you want the law to be, and you can't!" O'Reilly finished indignantly.

"We're here to talk about the I-word today," Novoa responded sassily, but O'Reilly cut her off with what many would see as a killing blow.

"No, we're not. You're here to talk about what I want to talk about. This is my program."

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