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Too Far? Man Films Himself Firing Shotgun at Anti-Marriage Amendment Sign


"That's how we do it around here."

Remember Tommy Jordan? He's the North Carolina father who filmed himself shooting his daughter's laptop with his .45 after finding an unflattering Facebook post. It went viral. Now, another video has gone viral that includes a similar tactic: another man in North Carolina filmed himself using a shotgun to shoot an anti-marriage-amendment yard sign. And it's starting to go viral.

The video starts with the man introducing himself and his videographer and giving a quick background on Amendment 1, the marriage amendment in North Carolina that would define marriage as between a man and a woman, and also ban same-sex unions. He then explains that someone put an anti-amendment sign "near my house" and that "they outta know not to put stuff like that near my house." That's when he reaches down, grabs a shotgun, and shoots two rounds into the sign.

"That's how we deal with it around here," he says.

The original video was taken down by the user, but others have copied it and posted:

The man identifies himself in the video as Alex Wiles, and the website Gawker posted a linkto his Facebook. That link, however, is now dead. The site makes its thoughts on the video well-known: "Hey, if you can't shoot gay people directly, might as well shoot signs supporting LGBT rights."

The website Joe. My. God., which first noticed the video, says it contacted the local police to see if anything could be done:

I have spoken to the Kannopolis, North Carolina police department and they are looking into what will be classified a crime if the shotgun was fired onto property that includes a home or business. Kannopolis is 20 minutes outside of Charlotte, so let's also get this on the radar of local media.

But from the video, it seems unclear if the shotgun "was fired onto property that includes a home or business." It's also unclear if the property is his, although he seems to indicate it is. He also seems to indicate that someone entered onto his property and placed the sign, which raises the question: Do his rights allow him to fire a gun on his property, even if it's at a sign -- especially one placed there by someone not authorized to do so?

What do you think? Did he go too far, or is this just a man exercising his rights?

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