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Caught on Video: Cat Stuck on 20-Foot Pole With Doritos Bag on Its Head Falls, Lands on Feet and Lives

(Image: YouTube screenshot)

At first, Johnny Jones of St. Petersburg, Fla., thought he saw a rather large bird with a red beak sitting atop a power pole. Upon further inspection though, the KY Post reports, it was found to be a cat stuck on the 20-foot high pole with a Doritos bag lodged on its head.

Watch the local ABC Action News report:

Jones relayed that the cat had tried to swipe the bag off its head but stopped and remained still to not lose its footing. It is unclear from reports just how the cat got on top of the power pole with the bag on its head.

Jones reached a local police officer who then contacted the fire department to retrieve the feline. When a firefighter reached out to grab the cat though, it wiggled and fell to the ground. It reportedly landed on its feet and ran off -- the video footage does not capture this piece of the action though.

Here's the YouTube video referenced, which was posted last week:

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