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History Judges the Silent': Watch Beck's Oval Office Speech in Anticipation of Zimmerman Trial


"Justice seeks truth."

Following a powerful interview with beleaguered Dutch MP Geert Wilders, Glenn Beck delivered an equally thoughtful speech on "mob justice" as it relates to the Trayvon Martin case from the new Oval Office set at GBTV's American Dream Labs studio.

A string of violence has been carried out in Trayvon Martin's name yet is being ignored by both advocates and media alike. With this in mind, Beck reminded viewers that "where there is one injustice, there is no justice."

Those in the mob are "criminals," he noted. Those who do not stop the mobs are "cowards." And "history judges the silent."

The best way to respect and honor Trayvon Martin's legacy, according to Beck, is to honor the principles on which the justice system was built on. "Justice seeks truth."

Watch Beck's moving speech below.

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